Good news!Tengen got the Peking University's "Admission Notice"

发布日期: 2019-07-27 16:08:28

July is the college enrollment season and the graduation season. Recently, Guangdong Tengen Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tengen) East China Production Base is making a mailing package bubble bag for the admission letter of Peking University. Tengen has produced a total of 5,000 bubble bags in Peking University. It was completed on July 6 and issued by the Zhejiang production base. The bubble bag has been mailed at the time of writing.

Why use a bubble bag instead of mailing packaging?
For the impression of receiving the acceptance letter, most of us still stayed in the age of the admission notice, the new handbook, the admission instructions and other documents that were wrapped up in thin white cardboard documents. This time, Peking University’s admission notice was replaced by a bubble bag instead of a document seal. What changed the style of the past year?
Manager Lv, who is responsible for the production of bubble bags at Peking University, said that the use of bubble bags to mail college information files is not a precedent. Before that, Tengen had produced Hainan University graduates' archives to mail bubble bags. At the same time, Manager Lv gave detailed answers to the question of sealing the bubble bag in the document: "In recent years, new styles of admission notices for colleges and universities have emerged in an endless stream, such as Tsinghua’s three-dimensional admission notice and the admission notice of Southeast University. Books, such admission notices, are mailed with shock-proof and pressure-resistant bubble bags, which can better protect the models and chips in the acceptance notice. Furthermore, the material of the document seals is generally white cardboard and cattle cardboard. The bubble bag is made of plastic film. Compared with the bubble bag, the bubble bag has better sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof, load-bearing and anti-piercing capabilities, and it has stronger protection for paper admission notices and files."

Why did Tengen become the choice of Peking University?
Bubble bags can be done by many printing and packaging companies. Why do you choose Tengen?
In the face of this problem, the manager of the Hebei Office, who introduced the admission letter of Peking University to the package of bubble bags, said: "We have been producing mailing bags and graduate file mailing bags for the colleges and universities for the past four consecutive years. There are two types of file seals and bubble bags, so we have a lot of experience in this area. At that time, the teacher of Peking University Admissions Office found me; this time, we provided the case and sample of bubble bag products cooperation to Peking University Admissions Office. The person in charge of Peking University was more satisfied and finally contributed to this cooperation."

It is understood that the same batch of Peking University produced in Tengen is also the admission notice of the Xi'an Jiaotong University, Yan'an University and other schools, and the archives of the University of China University of Geosciences and Hubei Business College, a total of 21 colleges and universities.

Tengen strength under the trend of bubble bags.
The bubble bag replaces the document seal mailing college admission notice and the graduate file has become the trend of colleges and universities. Compared with the document seal, the bubble bag is not only sealed, firm and reliable, but also the bag full of color printing is fashionable and beautiful, and the high-end atmosphere is on the grade!
Tengen Founding Team has entered the printing and packaging industry since 2002 and has 17 years of industry experience. It is the national standard formulation unit for bubble bags and has excellent quality. The six bubble bag production bases achieve synergy in production capacity and can receive large orders at the same time.

When talking about the future development direction of the bubble bag, the planning director said: "At present, the bubble bags used in our acceptance notice are still being upgraded and iterated. Next, we will actively respond to the country's green development call. Focusing on the R&D and market transformation of green packaging, we will consider increasing the secondary use process and adopting degradable materials to achieve the greening of university notices and file packaging. Through the window of colleges and universities, we will vigorously promote the use of green packaging."