Tengen Group entered the "China Top 100 Printing Enterprises" again,ranked 27th

发布日期: 2019-07-23 16:18:05

Recently, "Printing Manager" magazine released the "2019 China Printing and Packaging Enterprises Top 100 List" list, Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. ranked 27th. This is the fourth consecutive year that Tengen has won this award, and has advanced by 9 from the previous 36th.

As in the previous year, this selection is for 2018 printing and packaging companies with sales revenue exceeding 200 million yuan. Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., as a packaging and printing company, sold 1.16 billion (including tax) in 2018.

In 2019, the market economy situation was severe. Under this background, Tengen still achieved steady development. Expand the plant area, increase production capacity, speed up the layout, and establish Hunan Tianqi production base. There are six production bases in North China, Central China (two), South China (two) and East China.

While expanding the production base, the company pays attention to the development and improvement of the internal management system. In 2017, Tengen began to introduce the excellent management system, constantly improve the management system and improve management capabilities. In 2019, it won the highest award of the Dongguan Municipal Government Quality Award. At the same time, it was awarded the certificate of two-in-one integration management system evaluation in June 2019. The assessment scope is: “Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., located at No. 172 Shangyuan Road, Songgang Industrial Zone, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, and its financial business integration. Management and capacity building related to the two-in-one integration management activities."

In the first half of 2019, Tengen continued to enrich its products, and its customers gradually expanded to various industries by express e-commerce. Such as degradable vest bags, lunch boxes, food-grade composite bags, test paper security bags, etc., Tengen products are currently in-depth to the supermarket, catering, education industry.

This time, the 27th among the “China Top 100 Printing and Packaging Enterprises” is the result of the company's continuous enhancement of its strength, product line and sales. At the same time, this ranking will also inspire Tianyuan and work harder on the higher ladder!