Security printing

发布日期: 2019-06-23 17:04:30

The "Double 12" has quietly passed, and in 2014, the whole caravan of the e-commerce has gradually come to an end. However, the majority of couriers are still rushing on the road of express delivery, the products are lost, dead, and string. The cargo problem is still plaguing the major express delivery companies, and the anti-counterfeiting problem of express packaging materials is urgently to be solved.

As the leading integrated supplier of China's e-commerce express materials, Tengen Group has quietly brought anti-counterfeiting printing into the market with its unique advantages, creating a precedent for express anti-counterfeiting.

Tengen Group has been involved in express anti-counterfeiting earlier, and developed patented products such as express anti-counterfeiting sealing plastic. In 2014, Tengen Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. was established, introducing a large number of high-end equipment and professional software, and quickly realized the function of eight-color variable information printing. With the industry-leading technology and scale, it quickly became a new force in the anti-counterfeiting printing industry. At present, Tengen Anti-Counterfeiting has developed a series of anti-counterfeit self-adhesive labels from the self-adhesive labels commonly used by major express delivery companies.

In addition, Tengen has been able to provide customers with anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting tickets, electronic monitoring code assignment and query solutions and other forms of anti-counterfeiting services, of which the more mature applications are common anti-counterfeiting, security line anti-counterfeiting, laser anti-counterfeiting, Fragile paper self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting, high temperature / water color discoloration and other anti-counterfeiting means.
However, the anti-counterfeiting advocated by Tengen not only specifically specializes the graphic information in the prepress design, but also combines the printing materials and inks with anti-counterfeiting functions, and then labels them to satisfy customers. The requirements, but the integration of personalized prepress design, diversified printing methods, exclusive printing materials, combined with customer needs to provide customers with professional anti-counterfeiting solutions, at the same time, Tengen R & D center is also constantly Upgrade technology and perfect functions, do not give the counterfeiters a chance.
Compared with ordinary labels, the cost of anti-counterfeit labels is much higher. How can customers achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and save material costs?

For the express delivery enterprise, Tengen has customized a set of professional anti-counterfeiting solutions, which can enjoy a high-level anti-counterfeiting new experience at the lowest cost. When customers package the express, they use the anti-counterfeit label to seal directly. Each label has a different running code, which makes the package uniquely identifiable. At the same time, when the courier is unpacked by others, it is easy to tear. Broken or left clear patterns and text that cannot be removed, so that the courier and the recipient can first understand the safety of the package.

As the expected, the demand for anti-counterfeiting labels in the express delivery market is increasing. At present, large-scale express delivery and e-commerce companies such as SF Express and JD.COM have begun to use anti-counterfeiting products.

For a long time, Tengen has been adhering to the principle of “we make it easier” for customers, and has pioneered and innovated in the field of anti-counterfeiting labels. At the same time, Tengen's variable information products, form documents, cardboard envelope, bubble bags, courier bag, multi-layers label, packing tape, seals and other products have reached the domestic leading level and can provide customers with one-stop shopping. service. In 2014, Tengen introduced re-sticking production equipment, and has the most advanced whole-body dynamic production line in China. Tengen Group's development direction provides customers with a more complete procurement platform.

In 2014, Tengen won a series of honors such as “High-tech Enterprise”, “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, “Guangdong Province Famous Brand Product” and “Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise”. At the same time, Tengen won a series of production supervision certificates for postal products such as domestic postal parcel waybill, cardboard envelopes, bubble bags, envelopes, and packing boxes.

Tengen advocates differentiated and personalized service concepts to create a more intimate, more practical and cost-effective service model for customers. From the previous market research, product design, distribution, distribution and after-sales technical services in the customer's use process, we have a professional team, and tailored according to different customers' industry characteristics, product characteristics, product life cycle and environment. Customized professional "one-stop" packaging solutions. This thoughtful and complete service has made Tengen win the favor of many customers, and many customers have been accompanying and witnessing their growth since the establishment of Tengen.

With its strong strength, professional quality, continuous innovation and caring service, Tengen perfectly combines the artistry, practicality and anti-counterfeiting of the products, constantly surpassing itself and “protecting the road of express delivery”.