Digital printing industry integration will further intensify in 2015

发布日期: 2019-06-23 16:56:14

In 2014, the days of the printing circle did not moisturize. The global economic crisis has been slow to recover, and the total printing business has not expanded. The printing companies that actively or passively shut down have repeatedly reported media reports. The managers of the printing enterprises hope to gain inspiration from the successful experience of others or in order to obtain more market information, so there have been many forum participants bursting out, and the exhibitions of all the exhibitions have come to the fore. If you think this is the contradiction of the printing industry. On the other hand, the judgment of the overall situation is a big mistake.

Although digital printing is an emerging printing production process that is on the rise, the shrinking of stores, the transfer of foreign companies, and the competition for low-cost competition have emerged. The integration of the printing industry in 2015 is likely to intensify.

In fact, the integration of the industry is bound to intensify this is not a fresh point of view. As early as 2006, the American Printing Association has pointed out that the printing company's more revenue will shift from the previous processing to the customer service; the integration of the industry will further Intensified; the momentum of shifting to packaging printing will increase. In recent years, whether in foreign or domestic, the trend of the printing circle is basically consistent with the above analysis. It is amazing that outsiders know this trend earlier in time than we do.

After the economic situation in developed countries has not seen a marked improvement, and the Chinese economy has changed from a high-speed growth that has continued for quite some time to a medium-speed growth, it is clear that printing companies cannot expect to be able to welcome their own springs because of the arrival of the Year of the Sheep. The key to trying to highlight the encirclement is to change the concept, choose the market demand, and find a business model suitable for its own development.

For digital printing companies, in the coming year, perhaps the following work needs to be considered:
1. On the road to the transformation of market-oriented enterprises.
Like traditional printing, digital printing companies have to rethink the market positioning of enterprises. They must also be transferred from the product processing enterprises that have been waiting for customers to the market-oriented road of taking the initiative and going out.
2. Adhere to differentiated management as your goal
Undoubtedly, China's printing capacity is far greater than the actual demand of the market, because the time for China to switch from the planned economy to the market economy is not too long. In the initial stage of the enterprise, most enterprises pay less attention to differentiated operations. For this reason, the products produced by the enterprises are highly homogenized and lack effective means to participate in market competition. This is also the root cause of domestic companies' frequent price wars.
In the process of transformation, even small-scale digital printing stores should combine their own conditions, choose different business methods from similar companies in the surrounding areas or establish their own business expertise, so as to consolidate the foundation of the company’s market. Still continue to make a fuss about the price, it is doomed to have no way out, and it will only make the company live more difficult.
Only when the guiding ideology of the operator has changed, is it possible to calm down and analyze the environment and customer needs of the company, and then it is possible to choose a suitable way to provide services to customers, and then it is possible to create Substantial changes in the business model of the business.
3. Actively embrace the Internet.
The world has entered the Internet age. Whether it is familiar or not, habit or not, embracing the Internet is an inevitable trend, and it is not as active as it is passive. In 2014, Tianjin Evergreen Jianhao Company and Nanjing Happy Printing, which became the focus of discussion in the industry, did not follow the simple use of the printing by the predecessors. If that is the case, then there is no new idea and no technical content.
The key to the printing of Evergreen, which is now launched by Evergreen, is to integrate with the Internet, relying on the Internet to form a large printing group, relying on the printing software to achieve automatic grouping, which greatly saves manpower, improves the profitability of the enterprise, and reduces the production cost. Improve production efficiency. Perhaps because Evergreen is a listed company, she has the ability to do a lot of work, but small and medium-sized digital printing companies can certainly rely on their own understanding of the market, with their own ingenuity, in the application of Internet technology to go out of their own The new path of the enterprise.