Appeal of the implementation of express green packaging

发布日期: 2019-06-23 16:32:28

Amazing courier packaging
Courier bags: 5.5 billion, express waybill: 14 billion sheets, packing tape: 11.45 billion meters, cardboard envelope: 2.1 billion, packing box: 6.7 billion, internal buffer: 2.01 billion, woven bag: 2 billion . . . . . .
This is the amazing number produced by the 2014 national express package, and behind this string of numbers is driving domestic demand and promoting economic development. At the same time, it is impossible to avoid such a large amount of express waste. . .

In recent years, the express delivery industry has developed rapidly in the Chinese economy. However, behind the surge in express delivery, a series of environmental problems brought by express packaging such as discarded packaging boxes and tapes cannot be ignored. "Throw it away." The answer is almost the same. According to statistics, in 2014, the express delivery industry completed 14 billion parcels, and the resulting packaging waste was measured in millions of tons. In urban solid waste, the volume of packaging materials accounted for nearly 50%. What is more serious is that the raw material of the packaging bag is generally polyethylene, which is difficult to be naturally degraded; the main raw material such as transparent tape is polyvinyl chloride, etc. It will take hundreds of years to be buried in the ground to be degraded, which has a great impact on environmental protection. In this year's "Double 11" crazy boosted experts predict: this year's express parcel will exceed 20 billion mark! How will the massive garbage generated by it be treated? Is it a concentrated incineration? Or control from the source, research and development of new technologies, new processes to promote easy degradation of packaging materials, increase the frequency of use to cure the problem?

In the face of the ecological environment problems behind the development of express delivery, during the "Double 11" this year, the National Post Office News and Publicity Center united EMS, SF, Shentong, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Yunda, Baishi Huitong, ZJS, Tiantian, and Speed 16 express delivery companies such as Quanfeng, Guotong, Express, Suer, DEPPON EXPRESS and Longbang officially released China's first “Report on the Status and Trends of Green Packaging Development in China's Express Delivery Industry”, calling for the promotion of green packaging and the development of green express. The green initiatives and declarations issued by the community on express packaging indicate that packaging manufacturers should actively develop new packaging materials that are conducive to resource conservation and recycling, and actively promote new technologies, new designs and new processes that meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. Improvements in production technology increase the value of the goods themselves. Packaging users should define the packaging of goods to meet the packaging function requirements, consciously avoid over-packaging, actively adopt packaging materials that are easy to recycle, easy to handle or easy to dissolve, and advocate a simple and not simple concept of commodity packaging.

Tengen as a courier e-commerce packaging material manufacturer, the annual production and sales of packaging materials in millions of tons! While the performance is growing, it also has a certain impact on the social ecological environment. Tengen Group is well versed in its efforts to promote sustainable development in order to save resources, reduce waste, and avoid damage to the ecological environment. "The policy has not moved. Tengen is ahead!" As early as 2012, the Group's “green packaging” concept has penetrated into all aspects of Tengen. In the selection and design of packaging materials, fully consider the concept of environmental protection and low carbon, and improve packaging recyclability, such as: secondary use of courier bags, cardboard envelope, bubble bags, degradable courier bags are favored by SF, TNT, EMS express giants, among which The reusable courier bags developed by the company have been widely used by e-commerce companies such as JD.COM and Vipshop. At the same time, the establishment of the packaging material recycling mechanism to implement the package recycling and reuse incentives, and highly encourage the courier and consumers to recycle the enthusiasm of packaging.

In the recent, at the first China (Hangzhou) International Express Industry Conference, Zhou Xiaowei, the chairman of the group, called on the forum to participate: I hope more express companies will join in and maintain the ecological balance with Tengen, and help the express and e-commerce development to make achievements! And it is highly recognized by the relevant leaders of the countries present and the heads of the courier companies. At present, Tengen has cooperated with enterprises such as SF, DEPPON EXPRESS, Vipshop, JD.COM and Suning to carry out packaging waste recycling. And fully publicize and vigorously guide the end consumers to participate.

China is a big express country in the world, and it is necessary to speed up the transition to green express. Express green packaging covers not only packaging materials suppliers, express delivery companies, e-commerce platforms and merchants, but also thousands of consumers. Everyone should participate in “green package" in the ranks. At the same time, we should speed up the introduction of relevant guidance and regulations..