Tencent.com: Tengen strengthens scientific research and launches the "Smart" mode

发布日期: 2019-06-23 16:00:09

On April 15, Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the new three board listing celebration and intelligent logistics equipment research cooperation. Qingxi Town Party Committee Secretary Huang Yufu, Mayor Liang Shaoguang, Town Committee Member Li Zibiao, Professor of International Science Research Institute Professor Chen Xirong, Guangdong Provincial Express Industry Association Luo Jianqing Executive Vice President, Guangdong Intelligent Robot Research Institute Associate Dean Ni Mingtang,, deputy general manager of the investment department of the securities company Zhu Zeliang, and other leaders attended the ceremony and spoke separately.

Relevant leaders and guests signed a praise for the successful cooperation of Tianyuan Group's intelligent logistics equipment research cooperation.

Relevant leaders congratulated Tengen Group on the launch of the New Third Board's listing ceremony and the intelligent logistics equipment research cooperation signing ceremony.

Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, Chairman of Tengen Group, said: As the first new three-board listed company in the domestic express and e-commerce packaging consumables industry, Tengen Group has embarked on its own unique development path. Winning the New Third Board is the first step in our landing in the capital market and a means and means to achieve the goal of Tengen. But this is not our ultimate goal. This listing will provide a broader platform and opportunity for the company's development. It provides us with the promotion of the company's brand image, expansion of working capital, standardization of management and operation, internal incentives for employees, and attracting high-end talents from outside the industry. More space. The listing of the New Third Board is a new starting point and a new journey for Tengen. The company will cherish and make full use of this opportunity. As always, continue to work hard to strengthen product development, market development and cost reduction through continuous and steady operation and innovation exploration. Strengthen the upstream and downstream, extend the product line and industrial chain, give full play to their comprehensive advantages, and rely on the capital market to resolutely implement strategic transformation. Taking advantage of the company's scale advantage, platform advantage, scientific research advantage and service advantage, on the basis of stabilizing the main business of express e-commerce materials, we will cut into the field of intelligent logistics equipment, build a vertical service platform integrating online and offline, and build a global express e-commerce. Service ecosystem. In the next three years, Tengen Group will enter a more stable and rapid development stage, push the company to a new development level, and do its utmost to provide customers with better service, create the best return for shareholders, and build better for employees. Development platform, take on more and greater responsibility for society.

Zhou Xiaowei, Chairman of Tengen Group, delivered a speech.

Speech by Liang Shaoguang, the head of Qingxi Town.

It is true that, as Mr. Zhou Xiaowei said, through continuous and steady operation and innovation exploration, in addition to strengthening the in-depth research and development and exploration of its own superior products, the company will give full play to its comprehensive advantages, further reduce costs and increase efficiency, and strengthen the capital strength of enterprises. On the other hand, the extension of the product line and the industrial chain, through the use of domestic high-end scientific research strength and capital market injection, to promote the implementation of strategic transformation, Tianyuan into an international express and e-commerce supply chain service providers.

Today, the biggest highlight of the scene is that Tengen Group and Guangdong Intelligent Robot Research Institute-Guangdong Sigu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on intelligent logistics equipment research and issued the "China E-Commerce Packaging Research and Development Center Packaging Consultant Appointment Letter" to the three leading companies in the scientific research industry. "Two links, in which the signing of the intelligent logistics equipment research cooperation agreement is the performance of Tengen Manufacturing's transformation to "intelligence", from which we can see that Tengen Group has transformed from a large-scale express e-commerce consumables supply enterprise to an innovative intelligent express and e-commerce consumables supply enterprise. Strategic planning, through in-depth cooperation with Guangdong Sigu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., let intelligent technologies such as RFID and printing electronics transform into the intelligent direction of Guangdong Sigu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of e-commerce logistics. The establishment of China E-commerce Packaging R&D Center prompted Tengen to further develop and explore the mainstream packaging methods such as smart packaging and cold chain packaging on the basis of original packaging consumables.

Relevant responsible persons share the results of scientific cooperation cooperation signing of intelligent logistics equipment.

Zhou Xiaowei, Chairman of Tengen Group, issued a letter of appointment for three R&D center consultants.

It is reported that Tengen Group has been committed to paying attention to and researching the technology trend of the Internet of Things and its application and popularization in the market. The application and development of RFID technology in express and e-commerce logistics and other industries is an important part of Tengen's needs and key development.Tengen Group already has a very strong customer cluster advantage in this field, and has a professional value platform that applies technology to its application. Guangdong Sigu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the background of a strong research institute to support the international innovation team of intelligent manufacturing new sensing products in Guangdong Province, as well as the scientific and technical team of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Guangdong Huazhong University of Science and Technology Industrial Technology Research Institute. The networked RFID R&D and application fields have relatively mature technical reserves and achievements, which can provide comprehensive support for standardization of the technology and practical industrialization of products.

According to relevant sources of Tengen Group, after taking over as the consultant of China's first home appliance packaging and R&D center, China E-Commerce Packaging R&D Center held its first seminar since its establishment on April 16th, and vice chairman of China Packaging Federation Electronic Packaging Committee. Secretary-General - Professor Chen Xirong; Director of Packaging Research Institute of Henan University of Science and Technology, Standing Committee Member of China Packaging Federation Packaging Education Committee, Director of Henan Packaging Technology Association - Professor Wei Fengjun; Professor of Packaging and Printing College of Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology, Master Instructor, stay British scholars - Professor Kang Yonggang gave detailed technical guidance to Tengen Group's R&D team on "cold chain packaging" and "smart packaging" projects, and on the establishment of China E-commerce packaging R&D center related issues and Tengen executive team Conduct in-depth research together. The three professors have rich experience and superb knowledge in the packaging field. They have served Haier, Huawei, Midea, Shougang, Hexing Packaging, Shanying Paper and other large enterprises. Analysts pointed out that Tengen’s gathering of packaging industry experts constitutes a high-level think tank. In the current domestic courier e-commerce packaging waste, the cold chain packaging of fresh products, and other innovative initiatives, and through the capital market, increase R & D investment, promote express e-commerce packaging to the era of intelligent, personalized Strategic planning.

With the pace of listing and the launch of intelligent logistics equipment projects, the establishment of China E-commerce Packaging R&D Center will enable Tengen to further develop into a technological and low-carbon development path, cross international boundaries, and move to overseas markets, ultimately creating a “global express and e-commerce supply chain."