Tengen Group's first offline store opened grandly

发布日期: 2019-06-23 9:53:11

The first physical store of Tengen Group started trial operation in Yiwu Trade City! The store is located at H1.22763-H1.22765, 6th Street, District 3, Yiwu Small Commodities International Trade City. This 50-square-meter store is fully functional, beautifully decorated, rich in products and distinctive in brand identity, providing customers with a full range of services such as sample, negotiation, quotation and transaction.

Tengen Yiwu Store is a new creature that Tengen Group has been striving to create a vertical platform for the industry. It promotes packaging new retail and reduces intermediate costs to reduce logistics costs. It also improves service timeliness and customer experience. The company that operates the mode of operation, we provide peer-to-peer services to achieve service upgrades and quick response.

The advantage of Tengen Yiwu store:
1. Complete categories and rich varieties, it is the most complete express packaging store on the market. The products cover all kinds of packaging materials required by express, e-commerce and postal industries, including poly mailer, multi-layers label, printers, and packaging.13 categories of products, such as supplies, cold chain special products, commercial super supplies, and raw materials, meet the needs of customers for one-stop shopping, so that customers can save time and effort.

2. Adopt O2O mode, open online and offline.That is online and store can place orders, terminal stores bring more on-site experience and convenient customer service.

3. Factory direct sales, eliminating intermediate links, offering the benefits to the end users.

4. Entering a store is equivalent to enjoying a platform. This is a flagship store, also an experience store, and a platform entry. Tengen store and online store, Tengen Mall is a shared platform, even if customers do not necessarily buy, they can share resources. For example, Tengen provides customers with overall packaging solutions, provides inquiry for customers, and provides procurement consulting services for customers.