Tengen attended the 13th China(Shenzhen)International Logistics and Transportation Fair to open the era of big packaging

发布日期: 2019-06-22 17:30:52

From October 11th to 13th, 2018, the 13th China(Shenzhen)International Logistics and Transportation Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Tengen Group was invited to attend the booth number, Hall D2182-2185.

Tengen has attended the Expo for 7 consecutive years. At this exhibition, Tengen concentrated on the 3 major categories of express e-commerce consumables, green packaging, clothing/cross-border e-commerce products.

In the field of express and e-commerce consumables, Tengen features a full-service, one-stop service. As long as you are a courier, logistics, e-commerce company, you can find suitable products in Tengen. The products provided by Tengen are produced by the factory and the quality is guaranteed. One-stop procurement makes your comprehensive procurement cost the lowest.

In the field of clothing e-commerce, Tengen's bubble mailers and inflatable bags have been popular among customers. The cushioning package is beneficial for protecting the package from sharp damage, facilitating the shaping of the package, avoiding wrinkles and deformation of the package, and being damaged by violent loading and unloading. In addition to cushioning packaging, Tengen also has production advantages in garment plastic handbags, paper bags, hangtags, bone bags, zipper bags, and washing labels.

The most attractive to experts, scholars, association staff, and the community is Tengen's green packaging booth. Tengen's green packaging follows the principles of degradable, recyclable, lightweight, and reduced by the State Post Bureau, providing all-category green packaging products. Such as fully degradable courier bags, fully degradable sealing tape, multi-use packaging, bottomless paper stickers, recyclable labels, etc. Few companies can provide so many categories, multifunctional and convenient green packaging products like Tengen.

Tengen is the exhibitor with the most exhibits and the most comprehensive exhibits at this exhibition. At present, Tengen's products are not only to meet the needs of express and e-commerce customers, but also to expand into a wider field. In addition to express e-commerce customers, Tengen's customers include clothing, books, government agencies, group-type enterprises, restaurants, supermarkets, and office stationery. Product development is also becoming more and more refined towards the market, in line with market demand. In the future, Tengen will use the express e-commerce packaging as the cornerstone to march into more and more packaging fields, and to do packaging and packaging solutions for experts, with professional technology, refined production, and market-oriented marketing to open large packaging era.