Tengen ranked 36th in the China's top 100 Printing Enterprises Award Ceremony

发布日期: 2019-06-22 16:15:55

On November 15-17, 2018, the National Printing Managers Annual Meeting and the Top 100 Printing and Packaging Enterprises Award Ceremony were held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Tianyuan Group ranked 36th among the top 100 Indian companies. Zhou Xiaowei, the chairman of Tengen group, was invited to attend and gave a keynote speech.

The annual conference was hosted by China Printing Technology Association and China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute. It was hosted by Keyun Media's "Printing Manager" magazine. It is headed by government leaders from all over the country, industry associations, top 100 printing and packaging companies, and top 10 enterprises in innovation. More than 300 representatives of the best employers and elite companies, representatives of printing equipment and equipment companies attended the event.

In the main forum, Chairman Zhou Xiaowei made a keynote speech on "Integrated Green E-Commerce Packaging Solution". Mr.Zhou comprehensively introduced the development of express and e-commerce packaging, the green packaging problem faced by express packaging. For the packaging pollution of express , Tengen provides a package of green packaging products and corresponding solutions. In the future, Tengen will exert green packaging and seek innovation in the packaging recycling mode. We are willing to work with peers to contribute to green express.

Mr Zhou' speech about green development model, won the unanimous approval and applause from the audience. In the Top 100, Tengen ranked 36th, and Mr.Zhou took the award on behalf of Tengen Group.

In the ranking of the top 100 printing companies, Tengen climbed from 47 in the top 100 last year to 36 this year, which once again confirmed that Tengen relies on continuous technological innovation and business innovation, especially in the development of green products and recycling packaging. Product quality and industry influence have been significantly improved.