Tengen Group and COMMPRO signed a contract with SAP

发布日期: 2019-06-22 15:59:05

On November 23, Tengen Group and COMMPRO SAP S/4 HANA project cooperation signing ceremony was held in the conference room on the second floor of the Group Headquarters. Zhou Xiaowei, Chairman of Tengen Group, Chen Chuxin, Vice President, Li Li, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Li Wenhua, Director of IT, etc. The leaders and relevant department heads participated in the signing activities together with Ling Bin, general manager of COMMPRO, and Liu Yang, senior manager.

Before signing the contract, Mr.Zhou and Mr. Ling Bin, the general manager of COMMPRO, had a warm and friendly exchange of talks.
Mr.Zhou said that since establishment in 2010, Tengen Group has maintained a high growth rate every year and needs a good management system to support it. In order to establish an application system that meets the needs of enterprise strategy and business development, Tengen Group needs to have a unified, integrated and efficient management platform to optimize the integration of internal and external resources, strengthen business and financial sharing, standardize internal management processes, and enhance the value of information utilization. Cultivate professionals in Tengen who understand both management and information technology, making information systems an important means of enterprise development, and information technology has become an important competitive force for enterprises. Today, we ushered in the signing of the strategic cooperation between Tengen Group and COMMPRO SAP. The two sides reached a strategic cooperation in enterprise informationization and hoped to play a positive role in promoting Tengen management innovation and change in the future.

Ling Bin, general manager of COMMPOR, said that SAP is the world's leading provider of enterprise management and collaboration and business solutions. The establishment of SAP system reflects the vision of Mr.Zhou and Tengen Group, and will also enhance management and market competition for enterprises. We provide strong and strong support and bring better opportunities for the future development of the company. Founded in 2008, COMMPOR is a gold partner of SAP South China. With professional technical team and rich experience, we are very suitable to choose. We will go all out to help improve the level of Tengen information construction and provide better development for enterprises. Strong support. We believe that the professional services of our information technology and business teams can help Tengen further improve and improve the overall management level.

After the brief talks and exchanges, the project signing ceremony was held. Under the witness of the relevant personnel of both parties, the general manager Mr.Zhou and Ling Bin signed the SAP S/4 HANA project cooperation agreement and reached a permanent strategic cooperation agreement.