Sunshine Network: Dongguan Enterprise cooperates with Provincial Intelligent Robot Research Institute to develop intelligent logistics equipment.

发布日期: 2019-06-22 14:53:09

At the ceremony, the leaders of Qingxi Town attended the event.

Speech by Mr.Zhou Xiaowei, the chaiman of Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Sunshine Network News (Reporter Wen Gongfeng Wu Yuan) On April 15, Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of the new three board listing celebration and intelligent logistics equipment research cooperation. Tengen Group successfully listed the new three boards and signed the scientific cooperation agreement for intelligent logistics equipment, which played a leading role in the demonstration of Qingxi enterprises, and also marked the new stage of listing of Qingxi Town enterprises. It is understood that Tengen Group is the first listed company in the industry.

The most biggest manufacturer of express and e-commerce consumables in the most beautiful town in China.

Tengen Group was founded in 2010 and it has only been more than five years. In 2015, the company achieved sales of 580 million RMB. Xing Yong, deputy general manager of the company's marketing center, said that with this sales, Tengen only took five years to become the largest professional express and e-commerce consumables manufacturer in China.

Coincidentally, as early as 2012, Qingxi Town was rated as the first batch of “2012 China's Best Leisure Town”, “National Civilized Town” and “China's Most Livable Town”. During the celebration, many guests described Tengen Group as the leader of the “National Express E-commerce Supply Chain” that grew up as “the most beautiful town”.

For a series of achievements made by Tengen Group in the past, Zhou Xiaowei, chairman of Tengen Group, said that these achievements are inseparable from the great environment of Qingxi and the government's strong support. The headquarters of the group will continue to take root in Qingxi and leverage the capital market. Express industry, Internet e-commerce high-speed growth opportunities, to create a new express delivery e-commerce supply chain.

Despite this, Mr. Zhou Xiaowei described Tengen Group as a “small business”. He said: “We are a small company with a sense of urgency. After the rapid development of this line, the living environment of small enterprises will be more difficult.”

After the successful listing of the New Third Board, Tengen Group will leverage the capital market to rapidly expand itself by using the rapid development of the express and e-commerce industry. The company's chairman and a number of marketing executives confirmed to reporters that the company's management is very optimistic about the sales target for the coming year. Zhou Xiaowei said that the national express logistics industry is in a stage of rapid development. "In the first quarter of this year, the amount of express logistics package delivery increased by more than 50% year-on-year. As long as our pace keeps up with the overall growth rate of express logistics and e-commerce industry, we have little pressure to achieve this sales target. ”

In addition to the 6 manufacturing bases and 18 warehouse distribution centers that have been established, XingYong, deputy general manager of the company's marketing center, told reporters that in the next few years, the company will establish branches and offices in various provincial capital cities across the country; These meticulous channel sinking measures will help the company to be closer to the needs of small and medium-sized customers and facilitate the implementation of the “one-stop service of supply chain” advocated by the company.

After becoming a leader in the industry, Tengen will also conduct a series of diversified developments centered on the express logistics industry. The move to enter the intelligent logistics equipment market is one of the top priorities.

At the celebration, Tengen Group and Guangdong Intelligent Robot Research Institute officially signed a cooperative research and development agreement. Professor Ni Mingtang, deputy dean of the Guangdong Institute of Intelligent Robotics, also said that “we will do our best to provide technical support for Tengen in the intelligent sorting system.”

Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, Chairman of Tengen Group, said after the meeting that “the entry into the intelligent robot market coincides with the machine substitution strategy proposed by the Dongguan Municipal Government. The huge number of employees in the express logistics industry will increase with the aging of China’s population and the cost of employment. The increase has gradually become a heavy burden for the development of this industry. Therefore, promoting the development of intelligent robots is an industry and even social trend."

It is understood that Tengen is also a national "high-tech enterprise", Mr. Zhou Xiaowei said "This cooperation in research and development of intelligent equipment is a proof that we do not forget the original heart."

It is worth mentioning that Tengen also took the lead in setting up the first “E-commerce Packaging R&D Center” in China. The establishment of this R&D center will prompt Tengen to further move to smart packaging and cold chain based on the original packaging consumables. In-depth research and development and exploration of packaging and other mainstream packaging methods. “E-Commerce Packaging R&D Center” held its first seminar since its establishment on April 16th, Professor Chen Xirong, Deputy Secretary General of Electronic Packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation; Director of Packaging Research Institute of Henan University of Science and Technology, China Packaging Union Mr. Wei Fengjun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Education Committee and a member of the Henan Packaging Technology Association; a professor at the School of Packaging and Printing, Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology, a master's tutor, and a scholar from the UK, Professor Kang Yonggang, and others participated in the meeting.

Insiders pointed out that Tengen’s gathering of experts in the packaging industry formed a high-level think tank to solve the current innovative measures of domestic express delivery e-commerce packaging waste, cold chain packaging of fresh products, and through the capital market, increase R & D investment, to promote express e-commerce packaging to the era of intelligent, personalized.