Before the "11.11", the 10 national departments jointly voiced: green packaging in the express

发布日期: 2019-06-22 14:45:17

In order to thoroughly implement the "Overall Plan for the Reform of Ecological Civilization System" and the decision-making arrangements of the Party's 19th National Congress on accelerating the reform of the ecological civilization system, the State Post Bureau, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and housing The Ministry of Urban and Rural Construction, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Certification and Accreditation Administration and the National Standardization Administration jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Collaboratively Promoting the Green Packaging of the Express Delivery Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Opinions") In accordance with the principles of “Government Guidance, Social Participation, Innovation Drive, Source Governance, Classification Guidance, and Local Adaptation”, we will further optimize top-level design, promote source governance, increase supply of green express service products, and improve resource utilization efficiency in the express delivery packaging sector. Packaging consumption reduces environmental pollution.

The "Guidance Opinions" clarify the three major objectives to be achieved in the green packaging work of the express delivery industry during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, namely: greening, reduction, recyclability and obvious effects, technological innovation and application level are greatly improved, and the governance system is increasingly perfect. By 2020, the proportion of degradable green packaging materials will be increased to 50%, and the packaging materials with special materials such as heavy metals will be basically eliminated, and a special express packaging recycling system will be basically established. The main express brand agreement customers use more than 90% of the electronic waybills, and the average cost per express package is reduced by more than 10%. The use of transfer boxes, cages and other equipment is promoted, and the use of woven bags and tapes is further reduced. Basically establish a packaging management system for the express delivery industry.

China's express delivery industry has a large amount of packaging, a wide variety, and rapid growth. The impact of packaging waste on the environment cannot be ignored. Proper handling of express packaging issues is of great significance for saving resources, protecting the environment and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the express delivery industry. In order to promote the establishment of a sound packaging management system for express delivery industry with Chinese characteristics, guide enterprises to undertake social responsibilities, improve consumer environmental awareness, achieve green development, and serve the construction of beautiful China, the "Guiding Opinions" put forward seven key tasks:

1.Improve the green packaging regulations standards for the express delivery industry.
Promote the introduction of the "Provisional Regulations on Express Delivery" to explicitly encourage the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials that are degradable and reusable. Improve the green packaging standard system for the express delivery industry, formulate and implement the national standards for express delivery packaging products, express packaging and green product evaluation standards for adhesives, promote the standard tray of 1200mm×1000mm, and accelerate the effective connection of relevant standards.
2.Increase the supply of express green packaging products.
Guide and support all types of enterprises to increase investment in research and development, design and production of express green packaging products, improve the extension of the responsibility of express packaging manufacturers, and encourage the development, production and use of environmentally friendly packaging products for bio-based materials. Encourage the promotion of recyclable packaging, reduced packaging and degradable packaging in the whole process of warehousing, transportation, distribution, sorting and processing of e-commerce products and express delivery.
3.Implement green certification for express packaging products.
Construct a unified green standard, certification and labeling system for express packaging products. In accordance with the principle of “fairness, justice, openness, and voluntariness”, we will carry out green certification of express packaging products, and guide and support e-commerce enterprises and express delivery enterprises to use green packaging products or packaging products that are certified by express packaging products.
4.Carry out the pilot demonstration of green packaging in the express delivery industry.
Support express delivery enterprises to carry out the "industrial product ecological (green) design" pilot, carry out green packaging application pilots in major brand express delivery enterprises and express logistics information platform enterprises, encourage major brand express delivery enterprises and various environmental sanitation enterprises and recycling enterprises to jointly carry out "commission industry" +Recycling industry" targeted cooperation pilot. Support a group of qualified express demonstration parks to become green parks.
5.Enlarge and strengthen the express green packaging industry alliance
Establish and improve the whole industrial chain system of express green packaging. Encourage relevant enterprises, research institutions and institutions of higher learning to establish a new model of combining production, education and research. Give full play to the role and advantages of e-commerce platform enterprises, and actively promote green packaging and simple packaging. Encourage enterprises to strengthen green production, build a green recycling system, build an information management platform, create a green supply chain, and drive alliance enterprises to achieve green development.
6.Build a demonstration city for express packaging and recycling
The cities that implement the mandatory classification of domestic garbage in the country jointly promote the construction of express delivery and packaging demonstration cities. Clarify the classification requirements of different express packaging, and provide clear-packed recycling containers at the community outlets. Support express delivery companies to actively participate in the construction of renewable resources recycling network.
7.Strengthen the green packaging promotion and education training in the express delivery industry.
The first week of November will be used as the “Green Express Promotion Week”, and the national low-carbon day, energy-saving and environmental protection week, “Beautiful China” public service advertisements and other activities will be widely publicized to promote green concepts, promote green consumption methods, and popularize green packaging and recycling knowledge. To create a good atmosphere of "green express, everyone has something to do".
The "Guidance Opinions" also proposed safeguard measures for organizational management, policy support, and supervision and management. The ten departments will jointly set up a leading group for promoting the green packaging work of the express delivery industry to strengthen the organization and leadership of the green packaging work in the express delivery industry, and implement the national preferential policies for encouraging energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the financial support for the recycling and utilization of express packaging. Promote the research and development of taxation and credit support policies for express delivery and green packaging of e-commerce companies.