A new batch of regulations will be implemented in Guangdong Province on January 1, 2018. Express delivery of unqualified packaging materials will be punished.

发布日期: 2019-06-22 14:24:03

The Guangdong Provincial Postal Administration recently said in response to the proposal of the CPPCC members that it will promote the green packaging work of the express delivery industry and strictly check the express delivery enterprises that use unqualified express delivery industry packaging materials.

In the “two sessions” of the province in 2017, the three provincial CPPCC members jointly submitted the “Proposal on Strengthening the Supervision of Packaging Materials in the Express Delivery Industry”. According to the proposal, some of the current express packaging materials, especially some black plastic bags for express delivery, may contain harmful substances.

The Provincial Postal Administration stated in the reply that there are two main problems in the use of packaging materials in the express delivery industry: First, the country has not issued corresponding industry compulsory standards for express packaging, and violent sorting has occurred from time to time, resulting in excessive packaging. The second is that the recycling rate of express packaging resources is low. At present, the actual recovery rate of plastics in express packaging is less than 10%, and the overall recovery rate of packaging materials is less than 20%, which wastes a lot of resources. Specifically to our province, as of the end of 2016, there were 141 enterprises in Guangdong Province that obtained the certification documents for the express delivery industry packaging materials (during the effective supervision period), but there were some unlicensed business entities, which produced and sold inferior and unqualified products to the market. Even the harmful supplies and equipment, as well as the phenomenon of overdue operation of enterprise supervision certificates are more prominent.

The Provincial Postal Administration revealed in its reply that the State Post Bureau is in the process of revising the relevant standards for green packaging in the express delivery industry, and has set clear guidelines for the packaging materials, packaging specifications and packaging cost ratios of various express delivery items. In the next step, the packaging industry enterprises in the express delivery industry will be organized to conduct comprehensive inspections of the products, and the products will be inspected and quality checked at irregular times and uncertainties. For the illegal production of unsatisfactory production of packaging materials in the express delivery industry and the express delivery enterprises that use unqualified express delivery industry packaging materials, serious investigations shall be carried out, and the illegal acts causing the personal health hazards of the users and consumers in the express delivery industry shall be coordinated with the public security and quality inspection. The department conducts joint case handling and seriously investigates the legal responsibilities of relevant responsible persons and enterprises. All express delivery companies must order the express delivery industry packaging materials products in the production enterprises that have obtained the supervision certificate, otherwise they will be punished together.

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