The chairman of Tengen won the title "2018 Guangdong Province Circular Economy Industry Leader"

发布日期: 2019-06-22 11:37:44

In 2019, the Guangdong Provincial Circular Economy and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association General Meeting and the Guangdong Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization and Green Development Series Theme Conference were held on January 11th in Yulan Hall, Yulan Building, Yingbin Hotel, Dongguan. At the conference, Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, the chairman of Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., was awarded the “2018 Guangdong Province Circular Economy Industry Leader” and awarded certificates and medals. From the beginning of its establishment to the present, Tengen has always attached importance to the development of circular economy, and has produced fruitful fruits. This award is truly deserved!

At the beginning of its establishment, Tengen Group has been committed to developing green and healthy development of express delivery e-commerce packaging, advocating the concept of “health, green and recycling” packaging development, and attaches great importance to the comprehensive utilization of resources, and through various methods to improve the effective use of resources and promote Green and low carbon development. In the course of more than 8 years of development, the company has worked closely with many universities and research institutes in China, and has long been committed to the frontier research and development of green, low-carbon, and technological innovation products.

Summed up on the past 2018, the company has achieved good results in the process of circular economy and green development!

Dongguan Tianzhiyuan Green Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was unveiled. The establishment of the subsidiary aims to create an integrated recycling and recycling system that enables packaging materials to be recycled and reused through effective channels. The establishment of Tianzhiyuan Green Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. expresses Tengen’s determination to establish a sound express packaging material recycling system and develop a green recycling economy!

In May, Tengen attended the green recycling packaging and packaging recycling model discussion meeting at the invitation of the State Post Bureau. In this meeting, Tengen is the only company in the industry that was invited to report on the green packaging development work in person.

In June, Tengen Group was invited to participate in the launching ceremony and green packaging experience event of the “Energy Saving and Consumption Defending Blue Sky” Guangdong Provincial Energy Conservation Publicity Month. At the meeting, Tengen Group and the enterprises and industry organizations such as Jingdong Logistics, Suning, Vipshop, Jinfa Technology, Guangdong Circular Economy Association, etc. jointly established the “Guangdong Province Express Packaging Industry Green Development Alliance” and signed the Green Proposal.

In addition, Tengen also pays attention to international cooperation. In April, Tengen Group signed a letter of intent for cooperation with the Dutch Water Affairs Bureau, the Dutch National Institute of Applied Sciences (TNO) and the Dutch SuperUse Studios Environmental Design Company. Focus on the recycling of express packaging and recycling materials.