Zhou Xiaowei, Chairman of Tengen Group, attended the 2019 World Transportation Conference

发布日期: 2019-06-20 10:05:10

On June 14, 2019 World Transportation Conference - Post Express Forum was held in Beijing. Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, the chairman of Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group, was invited to attend the green theme guest dialogue session of the forum.

At the 2019 World Transportation Conference, Chaiman Zhou and Vice President of the National Postal Research Institute Gao Huaixiao, Assistant President of Shentong Express Qiu Cheng, Chief Representative of Cainiao Network Corporate Social Responsibility Pan Jiali, General Manager of Jingdong Logistics City Planning Business Department Zhao Bin, vice president of DHL public policy in Northeast Asia and China Chen Yaodong, and other experts conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on policies, concepts, green packaging, and data network construction related to green topics.

Tengen advocates and practices the concept of “green packaging” and has long been committed to the research and development and promotion of green packaging. Established the Degradable Products Division, developed products such as biodegradable courier bags, bubble bags, degradable sealing glue, etc., and realized the serialization of degradable products.

In March 2019, Tengen was awarded the 2018 Post Green Industry Packaging Technology R&D Center. In the same time, Zhao Min, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, led a group of green development experts to visit Tengen, and listened to the “Expression and Application Report of Green Packaging for Express E-Commerce”, affirming Tengen’s efforts in green packaging. After Mr.Zhao’s investigation of Tengen, the relevant leaders of Tengen Green Packaging Project were invited to participate in the “Post Industry Eco-Environmental Training Course” and shared the achievements of Tengen in the field of green packaging.

At the beginning of this year, Tengen established the E-Commerce Packaging Research Institute. With the guidance of current ecological civilization, the Institute firmly established and comprehensively implemented the green R&D strategy and actively promoted the development requirements of green, recycling, low carbon and degradation (3R1D). The research and development of e-commerce green packaging, continuously improve the transformation of research results, make the customer experience more satisfied, and the society has more green and environmental protection.