Tengen was awarded the 2018 Post Industry Technology R&D Center

发布日期: 2019-06-18 10:21:14

Recently issued by the State Post Bureau on the announcement of the results of the 2018 annual postal industry technology R&D center, Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was recognized by the Green Packaging Technology R&D Center, and the Postal Scientific Research Planning Institute and SF Technology Co., Ltd. With this honor, Tengen is the only manufacturing company.

The R&D Center has determined that its scope includes 11 research and development directions. The declared R&D center must first meet any of the R&D directions, and has good performance in terms of comprehensive strength, R&D and achievement transformation capability, technical features and advantages, and support capabilities. basis. Although the R&D center is so strict, it is not permanent, but it is a random inspection and evaluation of the certified R&D center every year. If it is found to be unqualified, it is deemed to be immediately recovered.

So, why is it that Tengen is getting the green packaging technology research and development?

Tengen's green development road.

1.The concept of green packaging.
Tengen adheres to the green development path and is one of the earliest companies in the industry to propose a green packaging concept. In terms of Tengen, the concept of green packaging is reflected in the aspects of biodegradability, non-toxicity, light weight reduction, recycling, degradability and standardization. Tengen has gradually formed a series of green packaging products, which can provide customers with green packaging solutions.

2.Adhere to the road of green development, the results are remarkable.

In order to enhance the green research and development capabilities, Tengen cooperated with upstream suppliers and Beijing Technology and Business University to jointly create a “green packaging material and green design platform”. To accelerate the expansion of the product line, Tengen established a degradable product division. At the same time, Tengen also actively participated in the industry and international exchanges and cooperation, participated in the China Express Green Packaging Alliance Forum; joined the Guangdong Green Express Alliance; and signed the "Circular Economic Cooperation Letter of Intent" with the Dutch Water Affairs Bureau to facilitate the use of international advanced experience.

In the promotion of the standardization of green packaging products, Tengen also achieved remarkable results. Participated in the drafting of several national standards. Such as "Express Package Supplies", "Post Tape for Post Industry Packaging", "Machine Read Travel Documents", "Technical Requirements for Mail Express Packing Fillers", etc.

In addition to the research and development of green packaging products, Tengen is also committed to the recycling of packaging waste. In March 2018, it established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Dongguan Tianzhiyuan Green Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., and its subsidiaries focused on establishing a sound recycling system for express packaging materials.In the past year, Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, the chairman of the board, was awarded the title of “2018 Guangdong Province Circular Economy Industry Leader”.
3.Create a shared green future.

The acquisition of green packaging technology R&D is an affirmation of Tengen’s efforts in green environmental protection. But for Tengen, this recognition is even more encouraging and spurred! In the future, Tengen will focus on green environmental protection theme, continue to focus on green research and development, improve the green product service system, increase capital investment in green product research and development, increase the integration of industry resources, and strive to promote the integration of green product supply, packaging and express delivery. Construction. At the same time, the deepening of Tengen's green theme, strive to win market for green products, accelerate the transformation of research and development of scientific and technological achievements, and let the public enjoy the benefits brought by the use of green packaging products.