Tengen won the "Dongguan City Government Quality Award" in 2018, ranking first in the city

发布日期: 2019-06-15 17:45:31

"Dongguan City People's Government's Circular on the 2018 Dongguan City Government Quality Award and Quality Encouragement Award-winning Enterprise" was officially released on the official website of the Dongguan Municipal Government. Tengen won the "Dongguan City Government Quality Award" in 2018, ranking first in the city. The first company in Qingxi to receive this honor, this is another heavyweight award that Tengen won after winning the top 100 Chinese printing companies at the end of last year.

It is understood that the Dongguan Municipal Government Quality Award was established in 2009 and is the highest quality award established by the Dongguan Municipal Government. It is mainly for the Dongguan enterprises that are leading in the industry, such as products, services and management quality, independent innovation capability and market competitiveness.

The selection process of the government quality award is strict. According to the relevant regulations of the “Dongguan City Government Quality Awards Evaluation Management Measures”, after consulting the supervisory unit, material review, on-site assessment, review meeting work, voting, public announcement, etc., every two Once reviewed annually, there are no more than 3 quality award-winning companies and no more than 6 award-winning companies.

Tengen's high performance management model introduced in 2016 formulated the “Tengen Group Strategic Management Measures” and gradually established a sound strategic management system and implemented it in various management links.

In December last year, the expert group commissioned by the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau commissioned the Tengen to conduct a three-day on-site review. In the final summary statement, the expert group affirmed the five advantages of Tengen:

1. The company's top leaders have far-sighted leadership, integrate modern business management thinking and innovation awareness with corporate culture, and promote the organization to become an industry leader by practicing the mission.

2. Based on the willingness to become the preferred service provider of the global express telecom supply chain and the mission of building a courier e-commerce supply chain ecosystem, the company has established a sound strategic management system, established a company development strategy to adapt to the industry, and led the company to move forward.

3. Based on the strategic guidance, the company accurately locates the express delivery and e-commerce packaging market, and establishes an integrated express delivery e-commerce industry packaging supply chain solution based on customer demand. By actively expanding the marketing network, it establishes a marketing system for express response. , maintaining a competitive advantage in the industry.

4. The company advocates the concept of “green packaging”, pays attention to the improvement of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and product development based on customer needs, actively promotes the formulation of industry standards, consolidates the company's industry status, and establishes the company's brand image.

5. The company's multi-variety, full range of intensive manufacturing capabilities and one-stop service advantages have built a strong protective levee for the company.

The review experts believe that Tengen’s senior leaders have modern business management thinking and innovation consciousness, and can lead the company through the introduction of co-creative strategic management system and high performance management model; the company focuses on express logistics, customer-centric, and Providing a total solution under the integrated supply mode including packaging solution optimization, process setting, production production, and partition distribution, which has a large competitive advantage in the industry; at the same time, the company is based on the concept of “green packaging” in the degradation of packaging and consumables. Technical innovations in reducing, lightweighting, and actively fulfilling social responsibilities in green recycling packaging and packaging recycling.

Zhou Xiaowei, chairman of the group, said: "The award of the '2018 Dongguan City Government Quality Award' is the recognition and encouragement of the Dongguan government to achieve the results of Tengen's management and high performance model. In the future, Tengen will live up to the government. And the community's high hopes for us, constantly improve the level of products and services, create a strategic center organization, create value for customers, continue to enhance the company's core competitiveness, and make greater contributions to the development of Dongguan's economy and the prosperity of the industry."