Nigerian ballots and Tengen's "vote spirit" and "election materials marketing center" serve various elections

发布日期: 2017-12-20 11:29:00

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Nigerian National Independent Electoral Commission announced in the early hours of the 27th that the current president, the President of the Progressive Party, Bukhari, won the general election on the 23rd and was re-elected as the Nigerian president.

This news seems nothing related to Tengen.But 8 years ago, an e-mail brought together the connection between Tengen and Nigeria.And made a story behind the ballot. 8 years later, an order from Nigeria, once again crossed the ocean, came to Tengen. These two ballot orders have made Tengen and the Nigerian election closely linked.

In 2011, the head of the Nigerian presidential election was looking for manufacturers in China. The volume of goods was large, the delivery time was short, the time was tight, and the procedures were complicated. They were extremely serious problems. At that time, many large enterprises did not dare to accept this order. “There is no diamond, don’t take porcelain,” Tengen, a small printing company that was just established, boldly won. And created a short 7 days, 47.7 million votes, more than 20,000 ballot forms, more than 400,000 election registration forms, the total weight of 119 tons of votes.It was the printing miracle!

After 8 years, Nigeria once again cooperated with Tengen. In this regard, the manager of the production department, Mr. Yi said: “The vote in 2011 was completed by cooperation with many companies. After 8 years, Tengen which has been growing and growing, has already completed the upgrade of the group. Now, regardless of the number of employees, the improvement of technical capabilities, and the advancement of craftsmanship, it is fully capable of independently producing votes! But this time, it is equally difficult. The number is huge and the delivery time is urgent."

Under such circumstances, how did Tengen complete the order? Manager Yi explained: "This is inseparable from the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance of Tengen. During the production process, a large number of non-first-line personnel volunteered to support the front line. The two colleagues who came to support did not even talk about it, even for four days. No complaints!" After many years have passed, the spirit of Tengen, which is in the same vein, is still as usual. To do one thing, unite as one, dare to fight, not afraid of suffering!

It is understood that although the production of this ballot and the votes of 8 years ago are similar on the surface, the biggest highlight of this vote is the addition of advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. From the small to the big, this also allows us to see the progress of Tengen, the progress of the Chinese printing industry!

After experiencing two ballots and witnessing the spirit of Tengen.Mr.Zhou Xiaowei, the chairman of Tengen Group, said with a lot of emotions. He said: "We did not regard the ballot as a general business because it played a special role in the development of Tengen. The role has a special significance. Its influence is mainly in two aspects: from a pure business level, we have accumulated rich experience and process data of ballot production, and have more understanding of the market demand for ballot business. To this end, Tengen established an election material marketing center, which currently serves various types of elections at home and abroad. Domestic service targets such as residents' committees, townships, counties, cities, provinces, caucus, associations, internal companies, etc. Foreign customers such as countries, continents, cities, communities, etc. Whether it is materials or equipment, they can provide one-stop service, which will make the election activities easier and more efficient. From the perspective of corporate culture, the ballot event has become the brand story of Tengen.Precipitated in the hearts of all employees, internalized into a corporate spirit, the first choice we have found such a spirit.So we have established a firm foothold in entrepreneurship. The return of the second ballot is a kind of retrospect and root-seeking for the entrepreneurial spirit of Tengen. This spirit is called the "vote spirit" by Tengen. "The spirit of balloting" is the spirit of rivet and the spirit of hard work of Tengen. Wherever there is a need to drill, the close unity and selfless dedication of colleagues, this is a spiritual driving force for a company, and its significance is made. The economic benefits of this business are much larger, far-reaching and much more important."

Nigeria is the largest population in Africa and the largest economy in Africa. In the “Belt and Road” strategy, although Nigeria is not a country along the route, it has signed a “One Belt, One Road” cooperation agreement with China. The presidential election vote is safely produced in China, which also reflects Nigeria’s recognized trust in Chinese manufacturing! With the continued development of the Belt and Road Initiative, more and more outstanding companies like Tengen have participated in the big events abroad, showing more the strength and international image of Chinese companies. It is believed that with the continuous expansion of Tengen in the international market, more and more cooperative projects like Nigerian votes will settle in China. Tengen is aiming to become an electoral material expert who serves a wide range of domestic and foreign clients.