2010 Guangdong Tengen Printing Co., Ltd. was established.

July 2010, Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, the chairman of the Tengen, integrated the industry resources, and Guangdong Tengen Printing Co., Ltd. was formally established.

July 2010, Tengen introduced a number of advanced production lines, and the annual production capacity was rapidly expanded to 500 million RMB.

August 2010, Tengen set up offices in 15 large and medium-sized cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

August 2010, Tengen successfully obtained ISO9001:2008 "Quality Management System Certification".

November 2010, Tengen was awarded the AA credit rating by Shenzhen Development Bank and became strategic partners.

2011 The first express material integration supplier in China.

March 2011, Tnegen undertook the Nigerian election ballot printing project, creating a new standard for the efficiency of the special printing industry in 7 days.

May 2011, Zhou Yuqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, and secretary of the Secretariat, inspected Tengen.

May 2011, became a member of China Express Association.

July 2011, three products were granted the national patent, secondary use express envelope, secondary use express envelope, a express envelope.

August 2011, became a member of China Automatic Identification Technology Association.

August 2011, became a member of the China anti-counterfeiting industry association.

September 2011, Tengen successfully obtained ISO14001:2004 “Environmental Management System Certification”.

October 2011, Mr. Huang Yufu, the mayor of Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, and Mr. Li Zibiao, member of the town party committee, visited the Tengen.

December 2011, Tengen was rated as the advanced unit of private enterprises in Qingxi Town in 2011.

December 2011, “Guangdong Tengen Anti-counterfeiting Bill”passed the anti-counterfeiting technology appraisal of China anti-counterfeiting industry association and officially obtained the“Anti-counterfeiting Technology Evaluation Certificate”on December 15.

2012 The only printing material manufacturing supermarket in China.

May 2012, Tengen's products—radiation-proof express letter bag, detachable express envelope, and express envelope bag were granted national patent rights.

May 2012, Luo Jianqing, Director of the Guangdong Provincial Postal Administration, visited Guangdong Tengen Printing Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance.

May 2012, Tengen's five initial software copyrights were authorized by the National Copyright Administration: express waybill barcode replacement printing software, Tengen plastic products price management program, Tengen printing barcode management program, Tengen printing paper products price management Program, barcode production process retrospective comparison software.

June 2012, the Department of Market Supervision of the State Administration of Posts leader team visited the Tengen to inspection and guidance work.

December 2012, Tengen was invited to participate in the China E-Commerce and Logistics Entrepreneur Annual Meeting and won the“2012 E-Commerce Logistics Best Technical Equipment Award”.

December 2012, Tengen was awarded the Guangdong Province's contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise.

2013 Printing, packaging, office supplies, logistics equipment integrated service provider.

January 2013, Tengen won three awards: “Guangdong Province's contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise”, “2012 Dongguan Advanced Civil Enterprise in Qingxi Town”, “Qingxi Town(Dongguan city) 2012 Top Ten Taxpaying Advanced Private Enterprise”.

January 2013, the leaders of Guangdong Post Express Co., Ltd. came to Tenen to guide the work.

March 2013, the leadership of the Dongguan City Economic and Information Bureau visited Tengen and confirmed the current development of Tengen.

May 2013, Tengen bubble bag with back pouch was awarded the “China Printing Award” Bronze Award.

June 2013 Jiangxi Province Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. Nanchang Branch Leaders visited Tengen.

July 2013, the leaders of Dongguan Branch of Guangdong Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. visited Tengen.

July 2013, Tengen was rated as a well-standardized industrial enterprise, and the certificate was issued by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

August 2013, 13 patents applied by Tengen in 2013 passed the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office and officially obtained the patent certificate.

2014 Tengen won the title of "High-tech Enterprise" and was included in Dongguan City's "listed 

Reserve Enterprise".

January 2014 Tengen printing list "2013 Guangdong Province manufacturing enterprises top 500."

February 2014, Tengen was appraised as a contract-abiding and credit-paying enterprise for two consecutive years.

May 2014, Tengen was awarded the certificate of "High-tech Enterprises".

May 2014,Tengen was recognized as the "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center".

May 2014,Tengen was awarded the title of "Guangdong famous Brand products".

June 2014, Tengen was successfully included in Dongguan City "listed Reserve Enterprises".

September 2014, Guangdong Tengen Printing Co., Ltd. won the title of "excellent supplier" of Shunfeng Express delivery.

October 2014, Tengen was awarded the "Innovation Materials Award" at the Ninth Shenzhen International Logistics Fair.

2015 Tengen formally entered a diversified enterprise group.

February 2015, Tengen Printing won the "Top 500 Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province" for two consecutive years.

March 2015, Tengen Printing entered the list of "the top 10 most competitive printing enterprises in Guangdong Province".

April 2015, Tengen won the Fifth China Printing Award "Outstanding Award".

April 2015, Tengen printing was rated as a state secret carrier printing company.

April 2015, Tengen launched the overturn of express packaging bags, which are made of super-tough and frosted materials. 

May 2015, Tengen Printing won the second prize of Qingxi Town Science and Technology Innovation and Progress Award.

May 2015, Tengen was shortlisted for the third batch of the best 100 enterprises.

August 2015, Tengen Printing was awarded the "Top Ten Packaging and Printing Enterprises".

August 2015,  Guangdong Tengen Printing Co., Ltd. won the "Top 100 Printing Enterprises in China 2015" and "Best employer Enterprises".

September 2015, Tengen set up a full-staff marketing committee.

October 2015, Guangdong Tengen Printing Co., Ltd.  won the 10th Shenzhen International Logistics Fair "quality Service Award.

November 2015, Guangdong Tengen Printing Co., Ltd. was successfully renamed Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., which was examined and approved by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce.

2016 Tengen officially set foot on the IOT industry.

January 2016, Xiaowei Zhou, chairman of Tengen Group, was awarded the “Top Ten Economic Figures of Dongguan in 2015”.

January 2016, Tengen was awarded the “Top Ten Private Enterprises in Taxation” and “Advanced Private Enterprise” by the Qingxi Town Government in 2015.

March 2016, Guangdong Tengen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was listed on the national share transfer system, and the stock abbreviation (code): Tengen Group (836099).

April 2016, Tengen Group's new three board listing celebration which is smart logistics equipment signing ceremony was held in Changming Hotel, Qingxi Town.

April 2016, Tengen Group united the industry's e-commerce and packaging companies. Jointly established China E-commerce Packaging Research and Development Center.

April 2016, Tengen Group won the title of “Guangdong Province Excellent Brand Demonstration Enterprise”.
May 2016, Tengen Group was recognized as “Guangdong Province Anti-counterfeiting Printing and Green Packaging Engineering Technology Research Center”.

May 2016, Tengen Group officially joined the Shenzhen IOT Industry Standards Alliance and became a formal member of the Alliance, marking TENGEN officially set foot in the IOT industry.

May 2016, following Alibaba, Tmall, Tengen was officially launched in the platform malls such as JD and Yin Cat.

July 2016, after 2015, Tengen won the “Top 100 Chinese Printing Enterprises”award again.

2017 Become a group company and cut into multiple packaging fields.

January 2017, Tengen won the title of "Guangdong Province Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation".

January 2017, Tengen developed the "fully degradable box sealing tape" officially on the market, marking TENGEN completed another puzzle of green express.

January 2017, Tengen was awarded the title of “Top Ten Private Enterprises in Taxation” and “Advanced Private Enterprises” in Qingxi Town in 2016.

February 2017, six new products in Tengen were identified as “Guangdong High-tech Products”, and ten products in Tengen have received this recognition.

March 2017, Tengen was once again awarded the title of Excellent Brand Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong Province, Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises of Guangdong Province and Excellent Manufacturing Enterprise of Guangdong Province.
May 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Packaging Federation visited Tengen, and the express packaging bags were identified as “Excellent Brands of Chinese Packaging ”.
May 2017, Tengen won the "Top 100 Printing and Packaging Enterprises in China".
July 2017, Tengen participated in the formulation of "China Post Industry Packaging Tape Part 1: General Tape", "China Post Industry Packaging Tape Part 2: Biodegradable Tape".

August 2017, Tengen attended the E-Commerce & Logistics Technology Exhibition and won the Pioneer role model/team award.

October 2017, Tengen appeared at the 12th Shenzhen International Logistics and Transportation Expo.

December 2017, Tengen’s “Printing Legends Behind a Ballot” won the Silver Award in the “Dongguan Brand Story” Competition.
December 2017, Tengen was awarded the “Top Ten Growth Companies in the Top 100 Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises in 2017” by the Guangdong Cross-border E-commerce Industry Association.


January 2018, Tengen Group Group was selected as the "2017 Guangdong High Growth Enterprise" list.

February 2018, Tengen Group was awarded the title of "Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise" for six consecutive years.

February 2018, Tengen Group won the honor of "Guangdong Province Excellent Brand Demonstration Enterprise"for three consecutive years.
March 018, Tengen Group was awarded the "Express Delivery Container Production Supervision Certificate" issued by the State Post Bureau. This is the seventh postal product production certificate obtained by Tengen Group.

April 2018, the delegation of the Dutch circular economy and the Guangdong Provincial Circular Economy Association and conducted a field examination of Tengen Group. Tengen Group and Dutch WaterThe Bureau signed a letter of intent for project cooperation in the recycling of express packaging waste.

May 2018, Tengen Group was invited by the State Post Bureau to attend the discussion conference on green recycling packaging and packaging recycling mode. In Tthis meeting, the State Post Bureau Chang Ma Junsheng, deputy director Zhao Min and other leaders listened to Tengen Group's report.

June 2018, Tengen Group attended the 2018Energy conservation and consumption reduction, Defending and Protecting the Blue SkyGuangdong Province Energy Conservation Publicity Month Launch Ceremony and Green Packaging Experience Event, all-round promotion of Tengen’s green packaging products.

July 2018, the party branch of Tengen Group Group was officially unveiled. Wang Yaoming, the mayor of Qingxi Town, Li Shengtang, deputy secretary of the town ship committee, and Wang Xiaomei, member of the town committee, etc attended the unveiling ceremony.

August 2018, Tengen Group won the certificate of Guangdong Province Comprehensive Utilization of Resources.

October 2018, Tengen Group Logistics Intelligent Equipment R&D and Production Project was laid.

November 2018, Tengen Group was nominated for the "Top 100 Chinese Printing and Packaging Enterprises in 2018" and ranked third.

November 2018, Tengen Group and SAP Technology signed a contract with SAPS/4HANA project.

December 2018, Tengen Group became the governing unit of the Postal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.


January 2019, Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, Chairman of Tengen, won the "2018 Guangdong Province Circular Economy Industry Leader".

February 2019, Tengen completed the printing of the Nigerian presidential ballot.

March 2019, Tengen was awarded the 2018 annual postal industry green packaging technology R&D center.

March 2019, Tengen won the highest award of “Dongguan City Government Quality Award”.

March 2019, Zhao Min, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, led a group of green development experts to visit Tengen and listened to the "Express E-commerceGreen Packaging Development and Application Report.

April 2019, deputy secretary of the Yueyang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Li Aiwu and leaders of relevant government departments visited Tengen Group.