Entered Express Material Market

l Became the partner of SFYTOYunDa Express, etc

l Built offices in 15 main China cities

l Jointly build the production and research base with colleges and universities


Cooperated with Worldwide Main Express Company

l Became the partner of TNTUPSFedExDHLEMSBest Express and ZJS Express, etc

l Become a member of China Express Association


Made Great Progress in the E-commerce Market

l Became the partner of JDVANCLVIP Shop, etc

l Become a member of China E-commerce Association


Became Global Express E-commerce Integrated Supplier

l Became a strategic partner of XiaomiLetvHuawei, etc

l Won bronze award of China Printing Award, gained honor of Famous Brand Product in Guangdong province


The Largest Domestic Express E-commerce Material Procurement Platform

l The product category covers all the materials used by the courier

l Became the partner of STO Express and ZTO Express, etc

l Became a high-tech enterprise


Enter the Logistics Equipment Market

l Lead in logistics equipment products

l Achieved supply chain cooperation agreement with customers such as SF and YunDa Express


Became Global Express E-commerce Supply Chain Service Provider

l Jointly developed Express materials, logistics equipment and advertising media

l Set up China's only e-commerce packaging R&D center

l The supply chain service model was formed


Become a group enterprise, enter many packaging fields

l Significant breakthroughs have been made in the research, development and promotion of fully degraded and lightweight packaging materials

l Enter cold-chain packaging, take-out packaging, secret printing, RFID and other fields

l Tengen Mall is officially operated, with both online and offline development going hand in hand


The year of Tengen Brand

l Promote the brand with standard products

l International and domestic network marketing is increasingly mature

l Form a sound marketing network